Professional House Cleaning Services in Haywards Heath

Sussex Maid Services is a professional house cleaning service with cleaners in Hayward’s Heath and surrounding areas. We customise the house cleaning experience to fit your needs, so whatever you want we can do with no fuss.

Types Of House Cleaning We Provide

Regular House Cleaning
Deep House Cleaning
Customised House Cleaning

Some people are extremely detailed and want their homes cleaned weekly. We offer flexible packages to accommodate even the most busy schedules and can work with you to meet each and every cleaning requirement. Others find a biweekly service to be the proper balance of cost investment and time in between cleanings. Two cleanings per month is the minimum we recommend if you are not doing any of the work yourself.

We offer a monthly cleaning service that is designed to be a higher level of deep cleaning due to the amount of time that goes by in between cleanings. 

Finally we have customised cleaning which will completely fit your needs, everything you want, you get!

We're cleaning experts!

We are proud to have a passionate team of home cleaning experts who are well-trained in the proper way to clean each room of your home. The kitchen and bathroom always require extra attention and we know exactly what it takes to get them spic and span and as shiny as new. Expect us to dust furniture, vacuum and sweep away any dirt and grime that might exist. You will come back to a home that smells and looks as clean as can be. Consider contacting us to book your house cleaning today!

What we provide

Top quality cleaning

Our skilled professionals go above and beyond to provide you with a consistent experience and joyfully clean home every time.

We Provide Equipment

Our cleaners have all the equipment they need to completely clean your home.

We Provide Products

Our cleaners will be equipped with all the products needed to clean your home.

We Provide Guarantee

We fully guarantee our work so if you are not satisfied, let us know within 48 hours and we will put this right.

We Provide Security

Our Cleaners are DBS checked and also go through a stringent hiring process. We are fully insured up to £2 million.

We Provide Flexibility

With our fixed and flexible schedules. We can work around your schedule.

Get Your House Cleaned and Sanitised

If you are a busy family who loves your house clean, let the best Haywards Heath house cleaning service clean, sanitize and deodorize your home with our amazing team of professional cleaners!

Service Areas In Sussex

We have domestic house cleaners in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas.

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